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I Chose a Wedding Planner over Beyonce

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If you’re planning your own wedding, it’s more than likely that you have been overwhelmed by the amount of options available to you: caterers, florists, photographers, DJs, venues, bakers… the list goes on and on! You can spend hours poring over all the different choices that are out there, trying to make sure you make the right decision while also making sure you don’t miss out on anything important. But if you think about it, none of those options matter if you don’t even have a wedding planner.

How did I choose my wedding planner?

I would be lying if I said that it was easy to choose my wedding planner. In fact, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I went through multiple rounds of revisions before I finally chose my favorite two planners. Even after they were chosen, I couldn’t decide who would do a better job and kept changing my mind. As hard as it was for me to choose between them, though, having two great options is better than not having any at all—and picking any one of them was better than picking none. Looking back on it now, I can tell you that choosing a wedding planner over Beyonce wasn’t nearly as tough as it seems! Depending on where you live, choosing your wedding planner might be a more difficult task than mine was.

Am I ever going to hire a celebrity instead?

I think that having your wedding planned by someone in your own social circle is more valuable than having it planned by someone famous. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrities and I’m grateful for their talent, but most of them don’t do weddings on any sort of regular basis. Instead, they tend to focus on very large productions like movie premieres or tours (and those are great for them), but not for intimate affairs such as ours.

Wedding planners, on the other hand, make their living off small weddings – usually at least one per weekend. They have access to an incredible network of local vendors who know how to work together to produce a gorgeous event. Not only that, but when you hire a celebrity to plan your wedding you still have no guarantees about whether or not they will show up. You can’t really rely on them if you need them there, which is really important because once you get married it’s going to be all about YOU.

How do you hire a wedding planner

As you can imagine, planning a wedding is no easy feat. It’s not just about picking out rings and invites – it’s also about dealing with vendors, food and choosing locations. Even if you have an inkling of an idea about what you want for your big day, coordinating those plans can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many questions:
The answer to all of these questions (and more) is simple: You hire a wedding planner! Having a professional walk you through every step of wedding planning will make your life significantly easier. Think of your wedding planner as more than just another vendor – they’ll function as both coordinator and consultant throughout everything from engagement to final dance.

They’ll take care of all logistics, including booking venues and catering services as well as putting together florists, DJs and photographers. And after your big day has come and gone, they’ll work with each service provider to ensure flawless delivery. A good wedding planner makes sure that nothing in your world falls through the cracks; trust me when I say you don’t want any last-minute hiccups detracting from one of the biggest days of your life!

What were my priorities?

Growing up, I dreamed of my wedding day. What dress would I wear? Who would walk me down the aisle? What music would play during my first dance with my husband-to-be? As an adult, I realized these details didn’t matter as much as who would be in attendance at our big day: our loved ones and friends. After that realization, there was no doubt in my mind that hiring a wedding planner was best for us – no matter how glamorous Beyoncé may be. And thankfully, my fiancé agreed. For us, it wasn’t about finding the one. It was about choosing the many.

Choosing someone to help plan every last detail not only made our wedding more fun but also helped keep expenses under control—which in turn allowed us to enjoy more time on a getaway before we walked down the aisle instead of spending time stressing out over seating arrangements or floral arrangements (or even worse… attempting to handle those stressful tasks ourselves). You wouldn’t hire one person to bake your cake and another person to decorate your venue; why hire two people if you can get everything done by one?

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